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Post-Graduation Preparation and Counseling

The Beekman School is dedicated to our students’ success, not only during their high school experience but following their graduation, as well. In line with our dedication to personalized learning and individualized attention, our high school guidance counselor works with each student throughout their time at Beekman to develop a post-graduation plan.

Helping Students Decide What to Do After High School

While the future of each individual student is certainly unique, no student leaves Beekman without a plan. Throughout their junior and senior years at Beekman, our guidance counselor works with each student to assess their goals and needs, helping to devise the best plan for each student moving forward.

Following the completion of high school, there are many paths a student may take - they may attend a college or technical school, enter the workforce immediately, or take a “post-grad year.” Beekman’s guidance counselor offers support for each of these paths, including assisting in the college selection and application process, offering job interview advice, and discovering the best postgraduate program for individual needs.

The Post-Graduate Year Option

The practice of taking a post-graduate year after high school has become an increasingly popular choice for high school graduates in recent years. Many students are electing to postpone college enrollment for an additional year in order to complete a post-graduate program. These programs range in focus from academic preparation to experiential learning, to career exploration and internships, and they can offer valuable opportunities for students to further grow and better prepare for the college experience.

At Beekman, we offer a personalized post-graduate year program option. Of those students who choose to undertake a postgraduate year, approximately 50 percent stay with Beekman and 50 percent select alternative programs.

Students who choose to embark on a postgraduate year program can expect continued support from Beekman’s college counselor, whether they choose to conduct their PG year at Beekman or elsewhere. Our college counselor continues to help Beekman alumni make the move to college when they are ready, upon the completion of their PG program.

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