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New York, NY 10022

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The Beekman Culture – Free From Bullying

The culture at The Beekman School is one of diversity and inclusion. Our school offers a safe, welcoming environment, which is free from bullying. Students must be comfortable in their school if they are to learn and excel. Bullying in public and private schools can negatively affect a student’s academic progress and their emotional health. Students must have the chance to interact with their peers positively and develop friendships. A safe high school, such as Beekman, fosters a sense of community that allows all types of students to be happier and ready to achieve. With low student-to-teacher ratios, problems can be more easily identified and resolved quickly. Bullying, discrimination, and improper behavior are never tolerated here. Our friendly community welcomes students no matter when they enroll. Additionally, our students follow a code of behavior, treating others as they would want to be treated themselves. A spirit of equity and respect means students who haven’t felt at home in a traditional school can often find an educational home with us.

A Safe High School Community

At The Beekman School, students have the freedom to thrive and be themselves. We strive to create positive academic experiences that allow students to reach their educational potential. The Beekman School is a multicultural environment with a diverse student body. It is always a place where others’ rights are respected – in terms of both students and faculty.  Beekman students have the right to attend a private school without bullying, just as they deserve.

We recognize that we, as an educational institution, have an active part to take in teaching ourselves and our students that there is still work to do in fully embracing the differences in our skin, our speech, our genders and orientations, our countries of origin, and our beliefs. We still believe that our strength comes from our diversity, but to step back and say, “We’re good enough,” is to miss the opportunity we all have to grow in this moment. Our goal is to provide a healthy learning environment, where students belong and feel accepted, and we will continue to actively work towards this goal.

We are listening. We are committed to continuing our own learning, and we welcome the voices of all our community members as we navigate our way forward in these historic times.