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New York, NY 10022

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Our Students

Personalized Learning for All Types of Learners

The Beekman School empowers a variety of students through challenging academics, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for shared experiences. We are a private high school for gifted students, college-bound students, and non-traditional learners who all have unique aspirations. This is why Beekman offers innovative academics in a welcoming atmosphere. Students benefit from our rigorous courses, small class sizes, and personalized programs.

Private High School for Gifted Students

As one of New York City's best college prep schools, we are committed to preparing students for university academics and a range of future opportunities.

Beekman sees the exceptional qualities in each individual. Our school meets the needs of more learners – from the gifted high school student to the young adult needing motivation to succeed.

Recognizing that our students have varying skills and goals, we provide an environment where they can engage in the appropriate coursework, interact with teachers who are invested in their accomplishments, and join in the camaraderie of a close-knit student body.

For academically gifted students seeking either an accelerated or more challenging path through high school, we offer advanced classes, AP courses, and specialized electives. Our one-to-one education options open the door to even more options. While students typically take four years to graduate from The Beekman School, our flexible scheduling allows the ambitious student to finish high school studies in a shorter time frame.

  • Student Life

    If there is a single characteristic that makes The Beekman School one-of-a-kind, it may well be the ease with which new friendships are formed. With our small class sizes, students have more opportunities to participate in class discussions, share experiences, and discover common interests. It doesn't take long to be readily accepted and welcomed at Beekman.

    Students are on a collegial basis with their instructors from day one. This makes the classroom less formal and encourages greater student participation. There is a camaraderie within The Beekman School student body that is palpable. You feel it in the hallways between classes, see it in the student lounge at lunchtime, and hear it in the spring or fall when laughter and banter fill the air of our outdoor garden.

  • Schedules

    Each student's schedule reflects his or her individual needs. The school day begins at 8:45 a.m., and most students finish at 3:00 or 3:50 p.m. When possible, students who have a long distance to commute can be scheduled to begin classes at 9:30 or 10:15 a.m. Students with extracurricular programs outside of school, such as dance or music training, can have courses arranged for mornings or afternoons. Lunch periods and supervised study halls are scheduled throughout the day on a staggered basis.

  • Enrollment

    Beekman begins the fall term of each school year with approximately 70 students. However, our rolling admissions policy means that the school adds members to the student body and usually finishes the year with 85 or more students.

    Enrollment is generally evenly divided between boys and girls, with many nationalities and backgrounds represented. All students reside in the immediate tri-state area of New Jersey, Connecticut and New York.  

  • Code of Conduct

    For approximately seven hours each day, Beekman becomes a second home for our students and teachers. Our small, intimate setting makes it particularly important to respect the rights of others and maintain an environment conducive to learning.

    Over the years, The Beekman School code of behavior has been shaped by our students and teachers. Beekman students are encouraged to respect their school and to treat their fellow students with the same respect and understanding they would want for themselves. Offensive behavior is untenable and is not tolerated.

  • Extracurricular

    School Clubs

    Students and teachers work together to initiate clubs and programs, organize special assemblies and sponsor social events. Given the wide range of interests among students and staff, after-school activities vary from year to year. These activities include or have included a film club, international students club, investment club and a students of color club. Underclassmen can also take part in community volunteer programs, dependent on both desire and maturity. The school maintains a list of possible organizations.

    The Yearbook

    Every year, the school produces a yearbook, and all students are welcome to join the yearbook staff.

    New York City Day Trips

    The school’s Manhattan location offers the opportunity to use New York City and its immediate environs as an extension of the classroom. Students are invited to attend plays, films, operas and dance performances, and to visit the city’s various museums, special exhibitions, historical sites and other points of interest in and around Manhattan.

Struggling in High School? Beekman Can Help

In a supportive setting, The Beekman School provides an education tailored to the individual student. Our personalized approach can be vital to the young person who is striving for success but who may be struggling with their high school course load. Beekman class schedules are customized to each student’s abilities and can accommodate time or work demands. Our goal is to inspire all students, even those struggling in school to rediscover the rewards of scholastic achievement and extracurricular involvement. Through the individual attention our small classes and one-to-one tutoring options provide, previously struggling high school students flourish within our community, which is well represented by young adults who have a wide range of interests and talents. Many of our students consider Beekman their ideal school for building friendships while gaining a strong educational foundation.

Promoting a Safe and Welcoming Environment

At The Beekman School, acceptance is more than a policy; it’s how we conduct ourselves every day, from our faculty and staff to our students. Our small class sizes and focus on the individual create a safe and welcoming environment for our students to express ideas, ask questions, and be themselves. Our students hail from a variety of backgrounds and countries, bringing unique perspectives to our in-class discussions. 

At Beekman, we pride ourselves on cultivating an inclusive and welcoming environment free of bullying. Everyone who comes to Beekman can find a home here, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or orientation.