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The Beekman School accepts applications from students transferring high schools in grades 9-12. We provide a range of learners with the opportunity to join our community throughout the year.

Transfer High Schools Mid-Year or Mid-Semester

Sometimes, you know fairly quickly that your high school is not a good fit for you. If that’s the case and you are ready to switch schools midway through the year, or even mid-semester, you may be wondering whether you’ll have to wait to change schools. With Beekman, you can transfer high schools any time during the year thanks to our rolling admissions policy. Our rolling admissions policy for transfer students means that they can start attending classes – or taking flexibly scheduled courses – in the fall, between terms, within a school semester, or during the summer. These high school transfer opportunities allow students to:

  • Apply  credits toward a Beekman diploma from accredited local, national, and international schools
  • Enroll in our school for, or during, your senior year
  • Earn missing credits required for high school graduation
  • Repeat courses and make up credits for graduation
  • Earn accelerated high school credits to graduate early
  • Transfer credits from Beekman to another local, national, or international school

Discover a Transfer-Friendly High School in NYC

Our one-of-a-kind educational options are ideal for the student looking for a transfer-friendly high school in New York City. Our convenient Manhattan location makes it easy for students to transfer high schools without needing to move or relocate. 

The Beekman School accepts transcripts and transfer credits from accredited schools within the state and around the world. In most cases, this means new students do not lose valuable credits or have to retake classes because they relocated or wish to change high schools. Students also earn transferable credit for high school courses they complete at Beekman. Find out more about NYC transfer schools here.

High School Transfer Application

Our staff members work diligently to provide personalized education plans for each transfer student admitted to our Manhattan high school. This includes the sophomore who joins us mid-semester or the junior who takes a course and wants to transfer credit to the student’s homeschool. How long does it take to transfer from your current high school to The Beekman School? We make the transfer process as quick and simple as possible; the sooner you get in touch with us, the faster we can get you started at Beekman!

We’ll be happy to explain how to transfer high schools  to anyone who is interested in joining our community. Learn more in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Students who are interested in applying to our transfer-friendly high school should also contact the Head of School’s office to learn more about the application process.