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Summer History Programs for High School Students

We provide many engaging educational opportunities throughout the year, including summer history programs for high school students. These programs offer flexibility in scheduling and attendance. They allow students to earn summer credits by completing core and elective courses. Various history courses are available through six-week summer high school classes, Tutoring School programs, or mini-sessions. Through each of these options, students can repeat specific history classes or advance their overall coursework. The Tutoring School programs deliver the greatest flexibility, given that start and end dates of instruction can be customized. All regular summer session classes meet in July and August.

Summer school World or U.S. History classes can satisfy core or advanced level requirements. These classes are open for enrollment beginning in June for students in grades 9-11. They are ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in the social sciences, obtain credit in a required subject, or simply enhance personal knowledge.

Global and U.S. History Summer Programs for NYC Students

The summer months can focus on fun as well as academic enrichment! Our history summer programs for NYC students include: Geography & World Cultures, Modern World History, and U.S. History. Students can enroll in either advanced or remedial history courses, each tailored to their individual needs. In addition to history summer session, we offer summer high school coursework in the core subjects of mathematics, English, and science. Contact our New York City private high school to find out more about Beekman summer sessions and our other customizable tutoring programs. 

We are welcoming students to class this fall via both in-person and online learning models in NYC.
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