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Digital Tutoring Services

One-to-one tutoring is often the difference between a good performance and one that is truly outstanding.

Enter The Tutoring School’s new online tutoring experience. From online homework help to fulsome digital tutoring sessions, The Tutoring School offers personalized learning, SAT and ACT preparation, online academic coaching, and therapeutic-accommodating and sequestered environments for students.

Any student who has access to a computer or tablet can benefit from remote tutoring and the premium and fulfilling Beekman School experience. Our online private tutoring sessions allow students to shut out the distractions of a group classroom environment and focus on the material presented by the digital tutor.

As long as you’ve got access to high speed internet and a compatible digital device, your child can benefit from personalized and customized Zoom tutoring while living anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one assistance for your gifted child located in Portland, Oregon or you’re the proud parent of a child with special learning requirements in Tokyo, Japan, Beekman’s online academic tutoring delivers the exceptional academic instruction and personalized attention that have made us one of the leading high school institutions in the country in the field of personalized education.

If you find yourself wondering if a personal tutoring experience might benefit your child, call or email Beekman today. We’d be glad to help you navigate the extensive suite of options we offer to students from around the world.