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Online Learning Tips for High School Students

Online school is stressing me out - why is online school so stressful?

Online school can be really stressful, especially when you are new to the format and are juggling many difficult classes. It can be harder for you to connect with your teacher and classmates, too. Getting personalized tutoring could help you stay on top of your class material and maximize your learning while your classes are online.

Why is remote learning so hard?

Remote learning can be difficult because the environment loses many of the benefits of face-to-face instruction - including your teacher’s ability to interact with each student and gauge how you are all faring. Switching to small virtual class sizes, like those we offer at The Beekman School, can give you more individualized attention and help you learn better remotely. Online classes at Beekman also have the added benefit of mirroring the in-person school experience - all of our classes are live, engaging, and follow a full day’s schedule.

How can I get better at remote learning?

Setting a routine and staying organized can help you improve your remote learning experience, as well as a positive attitude. For classes that are really difficult to understand remotely, personalized online tutoring can help you master the material; consider online tutoring with Beekman to help you meet these challenges. 

How can I succeed in online high school?

Online high school is a big transition for many students. You can take steps to make the most of your virtual learning experience by sticking to a schedule and staying connected with your classmates. It’s also important to recognize classes where you are struggling and ask for help when you need it. Personalized online tutoring through The Beekman School is a great resource for helping you succeed in all of your classes.

I need help with online learning for high school.

Don’t be discouraged - many students need help in order to succeed in online learning! Virtual tutoring tailored to your specific questions might be right for you. At The Beekman School, we offer one-to-one learning and individualized online tutoring to help students like you understand and master your classes. Online tutoring has been proven highly effective in supporting students like you through your high school education.

Do you have any distance-learning tips for high school students?

Setting up a routine and making sure to stay connected with your teachers during remote learning can definitely make you more successful. If you are having trouble with the online learning format, consider getting one-to-one online tutoring or taking small, personalized classes with The Beekman School.