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English I

The Beekman School's First Year English Class for Freshman

The English program at The Beekman School concentrates on the development of four integral skills, which are key to succeeding across the curriculum: reading, written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking.  In this class students will read a variety of literary genres. A sampling may include: Brave New World, Heart of Darkness, A Raisin in the Sun, The Awakening, in addition to short stories, poems and nonfiction.

Most compositions will be based on literature and will require students to write argumentative essays. There will, however, be creative and personal writing assignments given throughout the year in order to develop each young writer’s “voice.” During the second semester, students will write and independent research paper, using a minimum of three outside sources.

Vocabulary words are gathered from the literature and the SAT word list. Grammar lessons and quizzes cover topics such as apostrophes, pronouns, subject/verb agreement, and commas. Students are also expected to develop proofreading skills to improve the grammar of their written work.

We are welcoming students to class this fall either via a hybrid in-person/online learning model in NYC or via fully remote, synchronous online classes. 

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